As the Town Mayor there are many things that I love about Calne and I have been asked to share some of them with you. 

Firstly, it’s the community spirit. Through Covid19 we have seen the town come together to support each other; we have seen new groups form to help the vulnerable and we have seen our Council staff and some Councillors help like never before. 

We have also seen the town grind to a halt through lockdown; but over the last few weeks our economy has slowly started again and the community of Calne has again come together as a force and started to shop locally with our independent retailers. Through lockdown we saw a range of independent shops close and wondered whether we would see them even open again. Even with this uncertainty we saw so many businesses offering help in the community by donating food, funds and time to also help the vulnerable. Seeing all this has made me so proud!

Secondly, I also love Calne because we have such a diverse community. There are so many residents with stories memories of old, stories from childhood and what it was like to grow up in this bustling town. To celebrate this rich history, we have our fantastic Heritage Museum and the Heritage Quarter offering our visitors and residents insights into our town’s past. 

Lastly, I love Calne for its numerous events - and we do hold some fantastic ones! Last year the most impressive one for me was the lantern parade with a Charles Dickens theme. I loved seeing the local people dressed up in traditional outfits and the floats were all decked out in regalia from the era.  I also really enjoyed the Summer Carnival and Bike Meet.  The Food Festival was another favourite with all the different street foods and market stalls.  We have some wonderful cottage industry in and around Calne and this is shown every month at the Calne Springs Market which is well worth a visit. 

If you are visiting our town one thing I can recommend, and that I love to do, is to take a walk around at St Mary’s Churchyard and also along the River Marden to have a look at the ducks – it’s especially good when there are ducklings on the river. I find taking this walk very calming after a stressful day, or month depending on what’s been going on, and the beautiful views are well worth a visit. 
Mostly though, I love Calne because at heart it’s home and always will be, wherever I may be ♥. 

By Councillor Robert Merrick, Calne Town Mayor




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