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Stonehenge Day Trip

Stonehenge Day Trip

Limited on time in the area? Discover how to get to Stonehenge in a day on this itinerary.

Morning - From the medieval city of Salisbury hop aboard the Stonehenge Tour bus which offers a panoramic trip up to Stonehenge aboard a double decker bus. Hear the recorded audio commentary and learn more about the historic landscape as you approach the World Heritage Site.

The suggested visit time for groups at Stonehenge is two hours. Whilst here, pick up an audio guide giving you further history of the site (subject to availability).

Return to Salisbury via Old Sarum – an Iron Age hill fort that was the original site of Salisbury. See the ruins of the old cathedral and the Bishop’s palace before continuing your journey to the city centre.

Lunch – Salisbury

Afternoon – Once back in Salisbury head to the magnificent Salisbury Cathedral. Or how about a Tower Tour for those with a head for heights?

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Product Information

  1. The Stonehenge Tour

    Unit 10, Salisbury

    The best way to discover the mysterious stones!

    Our distinctive buses with recorded audio commentary tour enable you to visit Stonehenge, Old Sarum and Salisbury Cathedral on one ticket.

  2. Stonehenge

    Nr Amesbury

    Stonehenge stands impressively as a prehistoric monument of unique importance, a World Heritage Site, surrounded by remains of ceremonial and domestic structures - some older than the monument itself.

  3. Old Sarum


    Discover the story of the original Salisbury with a day out to Old Sarum, 2 miles north of where the city stands now.

    The mighty Iron Age hill fort was where the first cathedral once stood and Romans, Normans and Saxons left their mark.

  4. Salisbury Cathedral and Magna Carta


    Be inspired by this magnificent medieval cathedral surrounded by 8 acres of lawn and historic architecture.

    This living church boasts Britain’s tallest spire and is home to the finest original Magna Carta and Europe’s oldest working clock.

Itinerary Distances

FromToDistance * (metric)
The Stonehenge Tour (51.06865,-1.79427)Stonehenge (51.18406,-1.85768)12.23
Stonehenge (51.18406,-1.85768)Old Sarum (51.09309,-1.79998)9.81
Old Sarum (51.09309,-1.79998)Salisbury Cathedral and Magna Carta (51.06461,-1.79814)2.86
Total Distance *24.89 miles
Estimated Journey Time48 minutes

* Approximate distance by road

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