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  1. Christmas events in Wiltshire
    Enjoy a festive break in Wiltshire
  2. Wyvern Theatre
    The Wyvern Theatre offers a mixed programme of concerts, comedy, dance, drama, musical theatre and local amateur productions. The theatre was opened by Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness Prince Phillip in September 1971.
    1. 1 Jan 000131 Dec 9999
    2. 1 Jan 201431 Dec 2014
    3. 1 Jan 201531 Dec 2015
    4. 1 Jan 201631 Dec 2016
    5. 1 Jan 201731 Dec 2017
    6. 1 Jan 201831 Dec 2018
  3. Whatley Manor Hotel and Spa

    Whatley Manor Hotel and Spa is a secluded countryside escape in the heart of Wiltshire. The picture-perfect country house has surprises around every corner, from the warm welcome of the wooden gates opening for, to the bittersweet goodbye. Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa is a place to experience, if only once in your lifetime. 

    23 Oct 2018
  4. Discover Wiltshire this Christmas
    This year experience a Wiltshire Christmas and you won't be disappointed, with a wealth of yuletide celebrations we have all the ingredients to make this your best Christmas yet! Find out our Top 10's things to do!
  5. Woolley Grange Hotel
    17th century stone Manor House set in open countryside, within walking distance of Bradford on Avon and 8 miles from Bath.
    1. 1 Jan 201131 Dec 2011
    2. 1 Jan 000131 Dec 9999
    3. 1 Jan 201231 Dec 2012
    4. 1 Jan 201331 Dec 2013
    5. 1 Jan 201431 Dec 2014
    6. 1 Jan 201531 Dec 2015
    7. 1 Jan 201631 Dec 2016
    8. 1 Jan 201731 Dec 2017
    9. 1 Jan 201831 Dec 2018
  6. Timeless experiences in Wiltshire

  7. Stonehenge
    Stonehenge stands impressively as a prehistoric monument of unique importance, a World Heritage Site, surrounded by remains of ceremonial and domestic structures - some older than the monument itself.
    1. 1 Jan 000131 Dec 9999
    2. 1 Jan 000131 Dec 9999
    3. 16 Oct 201524 Mar 2016
    4. 25 Mar 201631 May 2016
    5. 1 Jun 201631 Aug 2016
    6. 1 Sep 201615 Oct 2016
    7. 16 Oct 201615 Mar 2017
    8. 25 Mar 201731 May 2017
    9. 1 Jun 201731 Aug 2017
    10. 16 Oct 201729 Mar 2018
    11. 30 Mar 201831 May 2019
    12. 1 Sep 201715 Oct 2017
    13. 1 Jun 201831 Aug 2018
    14. 1 Sep 201815 Oct 2018


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Things To Do Highlights

Foot Trails

Alison Howell's Foot Trails

Enjoy an authentic and indulgent experience of rural England. Away from crowds. With extensive...

Waitrose Cookery School

Waitrose Cookery School

Pursue your passion for food at the Waitrose Cookery School. If you love preparing and eating good...

Old Sarum, © English Heritage

Old Sarum

Discover the story of the original Salisbury with a day out to Old Sarum, 2 miles north of where...

View inside REME around the world Half track Scout uniforms Cropped

REME Museum

The REME Museum displays the proud history of the Corps of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical...


Timeless Blogging

Japanese Anime at Fosse Farmhouse Castle Combe

Japanese Anime at Fosse Farmhouse Castle Combe

We got in touch with Caron Cooper at Fosse Farmhouse in Castle Combe to find out about her fascinating story and the inspiration behind Japanese anime at the farmhouse which has been a massive success story and main attraction for Japanese visitors. 

Photography Competition Winners 2018

Photography Competition Winners 2018

The VisitWiltshire, Castle Cameras and News Quest photography competition this year saw some fantastic entries and thank you to all that took part. All the photos are to incorporate the theme of timeless places, nature, pleasures and wonders in the beautiful county of Wiltshire. With the many entries and a brilliant selection of photos featuring the timeless places it made it a tough decision to pick the winner and runners up, but here they are!

Autumnal Shopping and Theatre Trip to Swindon

Autumnal Shopping and Theatre Trip to Swindon

The production covers some really serious issues of the time with a great dose of northern humour.  The characters are real, and it is easy to have empathy with them. The evening flew by with plenty of laughs, the odd tear, and a few excited screeches! The final scene is spectacular in so many ways!

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