In Pewsey

Tour of Britain
By Emma Kirkup

Cycling fever gripped the county on 12 September as the annual Tour of Britain event passed through Wiltshire.

The nation has been cycling mad since the announcement the Le Tour de France would be starting in England this year and with that in mind it seems that popularity for the sport has been ever-increasing.
Having seen Le Tour de France in London earlier in the year I have been getting into cycling fever myself and even tried out my very first road biking experience. Today I was lucky enough to head to Pewsey to see how the community were to celebrate the arrival of the race during their carnival fortnight.

On first arrival in Pewsey, I was impressed at how the locals had got involved in the decoration of the area. One of the main streets which the cyclists were to pass over was colourfully decorated by schoolchildren the previous night with drawings of the White Horse (very significant to Pewsey), colourful bicycles and the words ‘Pewsey’ and ‘Wiltshire’. People were passing out Union Jacks to wave too and the atmosphere was jolly and excited.

There were quite a lot of amateur cyclists that had ridden up from neighbouring counties and even London Dynamo to see the tour pass by – however I did find it slightly amusing that many of them were enjoying a spot of tea and cake in the wait! Well… I guess they’d burnt the calories off!

As the crowds grew and even the local school children arrived, the atmosphere increased and people were cheering on the policemen passing through the streets who were in advance of the race.

When the initial breakaway came through there was a lot of cheering and I was amazed by just how quickly they passed by! There was a couple of minutes before the main peloton then came through and at least that time I had a few more moments to capture some pictures including one of Sir Bradley Wiggins!

It was over in a flash but everyone seemed to have enjoyed the event, there were lots of smiling faces and the cafes then all filled up with people looking for a spot of lunch after all the excitement.

Here’s hoping the Tour returns to us again shortly!

If the Tour of Britain has inspired you, why not check out our Wiltshire cycling routes.




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