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How old are Wiltshire’s monuments?

How old are Wiltshire’s monuments?

With ancient monuments and historic buildings scattered across its timeless landscapes, Wiltshire is a county heavy with English history. But just how old are these historic sites? And what are the stories behind them? We take a look at the long lives of Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and the famous Wiltshire white horses, and discover just how old they are...

Autumn colours in Wiltshire

5 places for autumn colours in and around Salisbury

As the summer draws to an end, autumn takes over with its rich colours. It’s a great time to embark on some of the local area’s walking routes and to crunch amongst the fallen leaves. Here are some of our highlights on where to head for those autumn colours in the Salisbury area…

Five things to do this September in Salisbury

Five things to do this September in Salisbury

With cooler temperatures and less crowds, September can be a great time to make a short break. Here in Salisbury there is still plenty to see and do during September, from the opportunity to get active to the chance to sample some of our tasty local produce. Check out some of this month’s highlights…