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Dog-friendly Wiltshire

Take your dog on holiday this spring

The Great British spring time has finally arrived; packed with refreshing blue skies, glowing green grass and mild temperatures. All in all, an ideal time of year to get out the house and explore Wiltshire. If you’re a dog owner, it can often be tough planning a day out where you and your canine counterpart will be accepted as one. However, one county which is becoming renowned for being ‘dog friendly’ is Wiltshire; from striking scenic walks and splendid spring fare to cultivating cultural landmarks, all can be undertaken with your furry friend.

Wings over Africa (C) Lee Brown Photography

Wings of Africa

In celebration of their 50th anniversary, the Hawk Conservancy Trust has just launched a new ‘Wings of Africa’ arena display at the site.

I was lucky enough to go to the opening event on a very windy day to see the new birds that feature and the new display area created to simulate some of the landscapes of Africa.

Roves Farm

A Trip to Roves Farm

By Emma Kirkup As you drive around the hustle and bustle of Swindon you wouldn’t think that just a short journey away is the extensive farmland of Roves Farm . Near to the village of Sevenhampton yo..

Botany camping

A Wiltshire glamping holiday

As a young boy, I loved the outdoors. I always looked forward to the weekends and school breaks, which often meant going on family holidays, walks, bike rides or camping trips. I was (and my wife would probably argue, still am) a real life Robin Hood, with a keen sense for adventure.