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Last weekend Alex White (@alexwhite_21) took over our Instagram account with his own personal account on how photography in Wiltshire has helped him get through some difficult times. 

Wiltshire is a place with so much beauty and places to explore, making it a good place to distract yourself from the every day and open your mind to new adventures. It's fantastic to see the beauty of Wiltshire on a walk, cycle, horse ride, by car or even on a train journey through the countryside. Alex found that immersing himself in Wiltshire and taking photos has helped him on his road to recovery with his mental health, and he bravely shared that message with us on this takeover. Take a look at some of his photos below. 

Lydiard Park 

'I absolutely adore living near here and the place was a source of great mindfulness'


'I came across the tamest little robin today, whilst out walking and he stopped by for a photo shoot.'


'Today, I am heading off to Stourhead which is my favourite place on earth and also helped me in the recovery from my own mental demons.' 

Avebury Stones

'Arguably, these are the most popular stones to take pictures of in Wiltshire, purely for the fact you can touch them, and they look amazing in any weather!'

'Looking Up'

'This was also taken today at Stourhead, and if I had to name it, I’d call it “Looking Up”. I always do my best to look forward, or look up and have a positive mental attitude towards things' 

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