In Christmas

Throughout December and into the New Year Wiltshire Music Centre in Bradford on Avon have a varied and impressive programme to accompany you through the Festive Season

December starts off with I Fagiolini: Angels and Demons, a Christmas choral concert which tells enchanting stories from across Europe from Naples to Germany via Spain. I Fagiolini is internationally renowned for its innovative productions and outstanding vocal work.

From wintery European scenes, warm yourself by taking a trip to West African supergroup Kasai Masai perform their unique blend of traditional and modern African sounds. Their music reflects the journey from the rural to the urban world with infectious dance beats that combine with folkloric tunes.

Budapest Cafe Orchestra come to Wiltshire to bring their electrifying, witty and super-stylish, hot club swing will raise your heartbeat from the very first note. This acoustic quintet weaves jazz nuances with Eastern European folk music, as well as artfully reworking masterpieces by Romantic era-greats like Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky. 

The master of the British Folk scene, Martin MaCarthy is currently on tour with a programme of songs and stories from his life, joined by his good friend Talented musician and journalist Jon Wilks. Expect frank and fascinating insights into all manner of subjects, from Scarborough Fair to the Beastie Boys! There will also be a chance to ask Martin questions.

Then it’s time to really ramp up the Christmas Spirit with a screening of the world-famous Nutcracker ballet performed by The Royal Ballet, followed by Alex Mendham and his Orchestra playing a sparkling programme of classic tunes that will whisk you away to a more beautiful, glamorous time.

As everyone says; ‘Christmas is for the kids’. So why not bring them along to Rock the Tots. This gig will be packed full of wonderful, familiar Christmas tunes, all played live. There might be Wham. There might be Mariah. And you can bet your mince pies The Pogues will pop up!

Come for an evening of An evening of elegant and sophisticated seasonal jazz performed by one of the crown jewels of the jazz world, Claire Martin accompanied by GBH Big Band.

As we enter the New Year, join the West of England Youth Orchestra as they play music form the movies. From Brief Encounter to ET, via Star Trek and The Godfather, go on a journey through the iconic music from our best loved films. 




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