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Heritage from the Age of Industry - 3 Day Itinerary

Heritage from the Age of Industry - 3 Day Itinerary

Day 1

Morning - Take a step back in time at STEAM Museum in Swindon and experience the amazing story of the Great Western Railway.

Lunch - Marlborough or Pewsey areas

Afternoon - Discover magnificent 200-year-old working steam engines, still performing their original job at Crofton Pumping Station on the Kennet & Avon Canal. On Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays you can also visit Wilton Windmill, the only working windmill in Wessex.

Overnight - Devizes

Day 2

Morning - The Kennet & Avon Canal Trust runs boat trips on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, as well as themed cruises, and you can also visit the Canal Museum.

Lunch - Devizes

Afternoon - Discover the history and heritage of brewing on a Wadworth Brewery Tour, available all year Monday to Saturday.

Overnight - Bradford on Avon or Trowbridge areas

Day 3

Morning - The town of Bradford on Avon is an architectural treasure chest with many building reflecting its textile heritage, including imposing Abbey Mill and former weavers' cottages.

Lunch - Bradford on Avon

Afternoon - In Trowbridge the wollen cloth industry left a rich and notable architectural legacy, Trowbridge Museum continues the theme with a nationally important collection relating to West Country woollen cloth production, including working looms.

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Product Information

  1. STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway


    Get up close to magnificent locomotives, be a signalman in the GWR interactive Signal Box and drive the steam train simulator as you travel through STEAM’s story-telling displays!

    STEAM tells the story of the men and women who built, operated and travelled on the Great Western Railway - a railway…

  2. Crofton Beam Engines

    Crofton, Marlborough

    Crofton Beam Engines, set in unspoiled Wiltshire countryside close to the old market town of Marlborough, is an ideal spot for exploring the Kennet and Avon Canal, with toilets and a picnic area on site. Access to grounds is free of charge.  There is an admission charge for the Georgian Grade 1…

  3. Wilton Windmill

    Near Marlborough

    Built in 1821, fully restored as a working windmill. Stoneground flour generally available for sale.

  4. Bradford on Avon

    Looking to visit the amazing town of Bradford on Avon?...If so, click here to get the latest Bradford on Avon tourist information direct from the official Wiltshire tourism site!

  5. Trowbridge Museum


    Trowbridge Museum, where you can discover 1000 years of the town’s history. Discover how Trowbridge was shaped by the scale of production and quality of its West of England woollen cloth and became the county town of Wiltshire. Housed in a former woollen cloth mill, there are plenty of interactive…

Itinerary Distances

FromToDistance * (metric)
STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway (51.56296,-1.79544)Crofton Beam Engines (51.35889,-1.62587)23.03
Crofton Beam Engines (51.35889,-1.62587)Wilton Windmill (51.35335,-1.60485)1.43
Wilton Windmill (51.35335,-1.60485)Kenavon Venture (51.3551,-1.99536)24.44
Kenavon Venture (51.3551,-1.99536)Wadworth Brewery Visitor Centre (51.35408,-1.99836)0.21
Wadworth Brewery Visitor Centre (51.35408,-1.99836)Bradford on Avon (51.34764,-2.25062)15.8
Bradford on Avon (51.34764,-2.25062)Trowbridge Museum (51.32035,-2.20903)3.78
Total Distance *68.67 miles
Estimated Journey Time2.21 hours

* Approximate distance by road

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