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This weekend Lucy Blackall from @hercountryblog took over our Instagram account to share her vision of Wiltshire.

Lucy, born and bred in Wiltshire, jumped at the chance to take part in one of our Instagram takeovers. Growing up in the village of Avebury and attending school in Marlborough her images encapsulate the essence of Wiltshire and England.

Wiltshire is the county that inspired her to start her blog, which is fittingly called ‘her country blog’, and surrounded by open green spaces and 'unique views' has allowed Lucy to capture some fantastic shots which you can view if you head over to our Instagram page now… or in this blog, if you keep on reading!

Avebury Stones

'Growing up I lived in a beautiful house surrounded by green fields, lots of animals and some very unique views to say the least and it’s the county that inspired me to start my blog'


'I love to travel and explore! One of my favourite places to visit is Stourhead House and Gardens nestled in the beautiful countryside surrounding Warminster!'

Cherhill White Horse and Monument

'Another favourite of mine, the white horse and monument at Cherhill! Probably one of the most iconic views in Wiltshire.'


'I want to share a hidden gem I show my friends when they’re visiting from abroad. this is a house in Lacock village that, whilst privately owned, was featured in the first Harry Potter film!'


'This is an incredible Tudor building which is now a hat shop in Devizes. I love these hidden gems dotted all over Wiltshire.'


'This photo looks down a private pathway towards Avebury Manor, a beautiful 16th century house which was recently restored by the BBC!' 

Make sure to head over to our Instagram page to check out the takeover and discover Lucy’s Wiltshire wide photos on her Instagram page. Plus, if you want to take part in an Instagram takeover email us at




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