Tell us a bit about yourself and your role

I began my career as a signwriter following a weeks’ work experience at Wadworth. After a short spell working for the council, an opportunity arose at Wadworth as a Sign Shop Assistant…22 years later after learning all the various stages and techniques, I now run the sign shop. I am responsible for writing and restoring signage across the entire Wadworth estate.

What do you like best about your role?

I enjoy seeing the transformation of turning a pub into an attractive spectacle that entices you in with new and vibrant signage. I also enjoy that signwriting is a unique, skilled trade which has seen a revival over recent years. Nothing beats the authenticity and quality of a hand written sign. 

Where are your favourite places to visit in Wiltshire and why?

I enjoy walking the dog or riding our bikes down the Kennet & Avon canal, ending up at a pub for a pint. Warminster Park is also a lovely spot and The Parade cinema in Marlborough is well worth a visit!

Do you have any hidden Wiltshire gems that you’d like to share with our readers?

I occasionally enjoyed a glass of Rum but since the opening of Muck & Dunder Rum Bar in Devizes, I am a complete convert! Rum is now my tipple of choice and a favourite spot to try something new or grab a coffee. I am looking forward to attending my first Rum Tasting evening at the end of November.

The Market Tavern in Melksham is an absolute gem! The transformation undertaken by the new lessees is unbelievable. It needs to be seen to be believed!

Where’s your favourite Wiltshire picnic spot?

Heaven’s Gate in Warminster is a beautiful spot for a dog walk and picnic. The views of Longleat are stunning.

Where are your favourite places to eat out in Wiltshire and why?

Being a part of the Wadworth family and living at the heart of Wiltshire, me and my family often visit various Wadworth pubs, The Greyhound in Bromham and The Black Swan being amongst our favourites. I also love Massimo’s Italian restaurant.




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