Home to world famous landmarks, ancient paths, stunning countryside and history dating back thousands of years, taking a tour of Wiltshire is one of the best ways to discover all this county has to offer. Here are our Top Tours in Wiltshire…

Walking Tours in Wiltshire

From Medieval cities and historic villages to ancient countryside paths of National Landscapes, there is plenty to experience when taking a walking tour around Wiltshire. Whether you join a guided tour, or follow a route at your own pace, there is a range of opportunities on offer.

Britain’s Best Heritage Tours

Sister company to the long established Footpath Holidays, Britain’s Best Heritage Tours specialise in expert-led tours throughout the South-West and Heart of England, including Stonehenge, Salisbury, the Cotswolds and more. Combined with their luxury driver guided tours are several walking tours, exploring local cities as well as rural countryside.

Treasure Trails Walking

Treasure Trails

Turning everyday walking into a fabulous adventure, Treasure Trails welcomes you to enter a whole new world, discovering an imaginative tale that twists and turns through a series of crafty clues to crack. Conquer your quest whilst exploring a range of Wiltshire landscapes along the way. Do you have an eye for a spy mission in Lacock? Or can you help save the day at Salisbury Cathedral, where an ex-toy-minator is at large!

Driving Tours in Wiltshire

Relax in style as you embark on a luxury driving tour across some of Wiltshire’s most picturesque landscapes, exploring famous landmarks, pretty destinations and remote countryside along the way.

Galahad Tours

Award Winning Galahad Tours offers unforgettable experiences with a selection of hand-picked day tours to the top visitor attractions within Wiltshire and beyond. Their two new tours include ‘Cotswolds Vineyards & Wine Tasting Tour’ and ‘Stonehenge and the Cotswolds Tour’.

Cotswolds Vineyards & Wine Tasting Tour

Experience personal guided tours and tastings at two award-winning vineyards on this exclusive private day from Bath. Explore the Cotswolds in a different way by sampling some of England’s finest wines!

Stonehenge and the Cotswolds Tour

Combine visiting Stonehenge with a journey through the southern Cotswolds on a private tour from Bath. This Stonehenge & The Cotswolds Tour day begins with an entertaining guided walk around the iconic prehistoric monument, before exploring the two beautiful villages of Castle Combe and Lacock.

In and Beyond Bath

Discover Wiltshire’s hidden stories with a unique tour from In & Beyond Bath. Offering intimate tours of captivating Wiltshire, passionate local guides will guide you on an exclusive journey, blending iconic landmarks and hidden treasures.

Stonehenge Tours

If you are planning to explore Stonehenge during your visit to Wiltshire, be sure to join a day tour with one of our tour companies.

Stonehenge Oldbury Tours

Salisbury, Stonehenge and Sarum Tours

Salisbury, Stonehenge and Sarum Tours offer high quality experiences, showcasing Salisbury and its surrounding attractions. Guests can enjoy a magical history tour to Stonehenge, travelling along small roads through the beautiful Woodford Valley. After visiting the prehistoric stones, enjoy a tour around Old Sarum, the original Salisbury city, overlooking where it is now settled, with views of the iconic Cathedral Spire.

Oldbury Tours

Oldbury Tours provide bespoke guided tours of Wiltshire’s World Heritage Site, Stonehenge and Avebury. These personal tours of 6 are led by local guides, sharing their passion for the glorious countryside and its many ancient relics.

The Stonehenge Tour

Journey back in time to discover the magnificent Stonehenge with a hop-on hop-off tour from The Stonehenge Tour. Pick up from Salisbury city centre and explore magnificent sites along the way, including Old Sarum, before reaching the magical henge. You can buy an all-in-one ticket that gives you fast track admission to Stonehenge, Old Sarum and Salisbury Cathedral alongside this tour.

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