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Surrounded by myths and legends Wiltshire is full of troublesome tales. With history dating back to ancient centuries and mysterious stone and burial mounds all around there’s always spooky happenings to watch out for. These are just some places you may want to avoid after dark.


The mysterious Avebury stone circle is very spooky and eerie at the crack of dawn, especially if it’s misty! The Avebury Manor is also said to be haunted by two spirits, The White Lady and Sir John Stawell- two spirits who can never leave. 


Old Wardour Castle 

Old Wardour Castle - a place where battles commenced and blood was shed, it is destined to be haunted. The main ghost here, yes there's more than one, is Lady Blanche who protected the castle in a siege in 1643. When night comes she can be seen looking woeful on the castle walls, still protecting her previous home. 

Old Wardour Castle

Medieval Salisbury 

The Haunch of Venison tale has scarred me for years; and it’s one you can hear about in more detail on a spooky guided tour hosted by Salisbury city guides this Halloween. Even thinking about it gives me shivers. The guided tour also highlights many other places in Salisbury that you wouldn't think are haunted, so you should definitely experience it for yourself.

Lydiard House

The Palladian Lydiard House is located just outside Swindon, it is haunted by Baronet John St John a previous resident, who walks around the house and gardens. It is said that you notice him the most when there's a sudden drop in temperature and a sickly sweet fragrance. There is also a phantom horse and carriage that goes up and down the drive, this has been seen by previous residents in the past.

The Sign of the Angel

Hotel visitors have said that they have felt the presence of a spirit whilst staying at The Sign of the Angel. One even recalls a scratching at the door, others haven’t been succumbed to the spirit but it could be a potential place for a ghost hunt! 

The Sign of the Angel

The Rifles Museum 

The dated building is a place for paranormal activity; they even have ghost hunts to attempt to find the lively spirits who have supposedly thrown books of shelves, left heavy footsteps around rooms, and very irrespectively slammed doors and windows.  The ‘grey lady’ who has been seen by staff members is another one to look out for. Definitely not a tour for the faint hearted! 

If this hasn’t scared you why not try and find your own ghost stories in Wiltshire and share them with us! We even have some spooky events happening this Halloween for you to check out here 




  1. dave
    Very good post and a good read,
    I had to go to London, so left about 3am Saturday morning and about 3 minutes from marlborough i saw person standing on the right hand side of the road in a full trench coat as i passed driving about 40 mph it sent shivers down my neck.

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