As the COVID-19 situation continues, we are being asked to stay at home, and only leave for essential reasons. If you’re a parent now facing the new challenge of home schooling your children, we're here to help. Lots of our favourite places in Wiltshire have wonderful educational resources perfect for teaching your children from home. There are activities, videos, inspiring ideas and lots of other ways to promote learning – all inspired by the timeless county of Wiltshire.

Here are just some of the excellent educational resources that we have seen shared by museums, attractions and other venues around Wiltshire. We hope they help you with keeping the kids busy, learning and engaged during your home schooling lessons.

Jump Aboard the Salisbury Reds Bus School
Salisbury Reds have been running bus services in Wiltshire for over 100 years, and their buses are a familiar sight in and around the Cathedral city of Salisbury. They’ve responded to the coronavirus situation by setting up a brand new online Bus School with lots of activity sheets for kids to complete from home. There are activity sheets covering maths, geography, art and other school subjects – all themed around busses of course!

Step into History with Chippenham Museum
Chippenham Museum have made their history worksheets available to download from the museum website – a useful resource to supplement history lessons from home. Kids can learn about the vicious Vikings, find out how towns and villages get their names, and even have a go at sending secret messages using Anglo Saxon writing.

Take to the Skies at the Army Flying Museum
If your kids are fascinated by planes, head to the Army Flying Museum website where there are lots of online resources free for you to use from home. Have a look at the educational resources available online including colouring sheets, arts and craft templates, and other activities. Older history students may be interested in the museum's series of short ten-minute talks on history with their Lockdown Lectures.

Guess the Mystery Object with Salisbury Museum
The team from Salisbury Museum are busy creating a series of educational short videos for children and schools, to bring their expertise to you at home. Have a look at their first video to guess the mystery object from their collection!

Learn About English History with English Heritage
English Heritage maintain many of Wiltshire’s most fascinating historic sites, including Stonehenge and Old Sarum near Salisbury. They have a series of short animated films available online which offer easy-to-follow introductions to some of the places and people in English History. Have a look at their Mini Guide to Medieval Monks or their Mini Guide to Medieval Castles to get started. In particular, their Mini Guide to Prehistoric Monuments gives a great introduction to the many prehistoric features that can be found across Wiltshire’s timeless countryside.

Take the REME Museum Challenge
To help out busy parents who are trying to homeschool their children during coronavirus, the REME Museum near Chippenham have created lots of downloadable worksheets, activities and videos focused around REME history, World War Two and STEM topics. They’re asking you to share your creations with them on social media using the hashtag #rememuseumchallenge.

Learn about Wiltshire at Wiltshire Museum
There are lots of learning resources available online from Wiltshire Museum, including worksheets, videos and arts and craft activity suggestions. We love their short video about Neolithic Wiltshire, which gives a simple introduction into the fascinating neolithic monuments which can be found scattered across our county.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Wiltshire soon - in the meantime, we hope these home-schooling ideas provide you and your children with some useful inspiration! And if you're looking for more inspiration for things to do while you're stuck at home, have a look at our recent blog post on recipes to try at home (many of which would be perfect for kids to get involved with) or join us for a virtual trip to Wiltshire




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