Looking for something different to do in Wiltshire this year? Across the county, there are plenty of unusual and wonderful activities, events, and attractions to discover all year round. Plan a unique trip to Wiltshire and experience the lesser-known parts of this incredible county.

DOCA – Confetti Battle & Colour Rush

DOCA Confetti Battle

Each year, Devizes International Street Festival & Carnival holds a range of exciting, family-friendly events including their famous Confetti Battle & Colour Rush! Taking place towards the end of August, this event combines vibrant colour displays with all-round fun on the town’s streets. Whether you decide to take part or support from the side, experience a vibrant show in the 5km mixed terrain fun run before enjoying an incredible explosion of confetti at the finish line.

Wilton Windmill

Wilton Windmill, North Wessex Downs AONB

Did you know that Wiltshire is home to the only working windmill in Wessex? Not only does Wilton Windmill still produce wholemeal and stone-ground flour, it is also a Grade II Listed Building of Special Architectural and Historic Interest! Set upon the hills of North Wessex Downs Areas of Outstanding Beauty, Wilton Windmill is open for guided tours on selected days and the surrounding landscape also makes for the perfect picnic spot!

Longleat’s Adventure Maze

Longleat Maze

Home to the UK’s original Safari Park, Longleat packs a punch when it comes to family days out in Wiltshire. But did you know that there isn’t just wildlife you can discover? Let loose inside Longleat’s hedge maze, the largest in Britain with almost 2-miles of pathways to keep you entertained for ages! The sheer size makes it one of the most unusual and unique places to explore.

Explore Wiltshire’s White Horses

Cherhill White Horse

Wiltshire is home to 8 White Horses, which can be spotted carved into the picturesque hillsides overlooking historic towns and other famous landmarks. These large figures are a rare sight to see anywhere else in the UK and the ones in Wiltshire date back over 250 years! All can be spotted at a distance but only a few are approachable by nearby paths.

Crop Circles in Wiltshire

Crop Circle credit Lucy Pringle

Did you know that Wiltshire has the most crop circles in England, with many visible in the Vale of Pewsey between June and early September. The meanings behind their unusual and complex formation remains a mystery but without a doubt, Wiltshire’s crop circles offer a stunning display amongst the surrounding countryside.

During the summer season, why not visit the Crop Circle Visitor Centre and Exhibition located in Honeystreet. Welcoming many from all around the world, the centre not only shares stunning photographs and interesting facts, but the latest information ranging from crop circle access to history and theories.

Caen Hill Locks

Caen Hill Lock, Devizes

Stretching across the county is the fascinating Kennet and Avon Canal, a thriving place for walkers, cyclists, and boaters. Located within the historic market town of Devizes is Caen Hill Locks, one of the most famous landmarks along the canal. Stretching over 2-miles, this triumph of Georgian engineering features 29 locks and is a truly breath-taking sight, a one-of-a-kind experience when travelling around Wiltshire.

King Alfred’s Tower at Stourhead

King Alfred's Tower, Stourhead

Open from March to late October is King Alfred’s Tower, a unique looking, 160ft tall red-brick folly set in the stunning Stourhead estate. Climb the 205 steps of the tower to the very top, and be rewarded with incredible views over Dorset, Somerset, and Wiltshire.

A visit to the National Trust property isn’t complete without exploring the historic 18th Century landscape garden. Following a circular walking route, discover unusual grottoes and classical temples, stunning lakeside reflections and beautiful foliage.




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