There’s no better time to start ticking off your bucket list than in the New Year! Wiltshire is home to a whole variety of once in a lifetime experiences, so why not start your journey here…

credit image: English Heritage

Explore the Ancient Stones

Located in North Amesbury is the World Heritage site and famous historical landmark, Stonehenge. For many, a glimpse from the car window is as close as they’ve come, but with the Stone Circle experience, why not stand amongst the monstrous stones as they tower majestically on the Salisbury Plain! From December through to August, join a small group of up to 30 and embark on a short bus trip to the incredible stones to see them up close yourself! Available outside regular visiting hours, this unique experience allows you to capture the fascinating statues within a much quieter setting.

Standing Stones at Avebury

Avebury Stone Circle

Pop next door for more breath-taking history at Avebury Stone Circle. Recognised for its globally important Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments, here you will find the world’s largest stone circle as well as stone avenues and ancient tombs. Much of Avebury and its surrounding landscape is owned by National Trust which means it is free to explore all year round! As you wonder around the standing stones, be sure to also discover huge henge banks and ditches, erected around 4,300 years ago.

Salisbury Cathedral Tower Tour

Take a Tower Tour of the Medieval Salisbury Cathedral

For over 800 years, Salisbury Cathedral has been a place of worship, welcome and hospitality and with the tallest spire in the country at 404ft, this monument has helped to guide travellers for many centuries! Take part in a behind-the-scenes tour of the ancient roof spaces and capture incredible views from the base of the spire!

Stourhead Bridge and lake reflections

Capture Lakeside Reflections at Stourhead

One of the most picturesque locations in Wiltshire, the National Trust site of Stourhead offers a range of natural beauty all year round. Step inside the breath-taking 18th Century landscape garden and be welcomed with rich colours, grottoes, and classical temples. At the centre of it all, a large lake that offers some of the prettiest reflections of its surrounding trees and shrubs, a true bucket list experience!

Cranborne Chase AONB

Visit the 3 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Wiltshire

Did you know that Wiltshire is part of 3 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty? The Cotswolds can be found in the Northern edge of the county, Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs in the Southwest, and North Wessex Downs to the East. Each location offers stunning landscapes, pretty villages, and countryside views for miles! Whether you choose to drive, cycle or walk-through Wiltshire, a journey to these AONBs should be at the top of your list!

Westonbirt Arboretum during Autumn credit Paul Groom

credit image: Paul Groom

Explore the Autumn Colours at Westonbirt Arboretum

Just over the border of Wiltshire is the incredible Westonbirt National Arboretum! Home to over 15,000 different types of trees and spanning over 600 acres, Westonbirt is a true gem. Be sure to visit during the Autumn months to capture some of the most spectacular colours across its Acer Glade. With the sun shining through leaves of red and gold, it’s the perfect location to venture through nature this year!

People driving through Lion enclosure at Longleat

Get up Close to Wildlife at Longleat Safari Drive Through

Nestled within the Wiltshire countryside, Longleat is famously known for its fantastic wildlife experiences. Journey through its safari and meet a range of furry friends including the hungry Rhesus monkeys! Be entertained by their antics as you reach other enclosures, home to big cats, hyenas, wolves and more! Enjoy close encounters as they roam freely around their large spaces, a truly unforgettable experience!

Cherhill White Horse

Visit the Wiltshire White Horses

Carved into Wiltshire’s hillsides across the county are the iconic White Horses. With 8 remaining, be sure to journey through countryside to view the incredible landmarks located in various towns and villages. From the oldest one in Westbury, dating back almost 500 years, to one of the most recent in Devizes, which was specially carved to celebrate the Millennium.

skydiving above Salisbury Plain

Go Skydiving above the Salisbury Plains

It’s all on our bucket list but in Wiltshire, there’s a chance to tick off this once in a lifetime experience! With GoSkydive, you can take in stunning views of the Salisbury Plains as you welcome excitement and exhilaration this year!

Honeystreet Boats on the canal

Enjoy a Unique Stay in a Narrow Boat

With Honeystreet Boats, you will get a chance to enjoy a truly unique holiday along the Kennet and Avon Canal as you stay in one of their narrow boats this year! With the Vale of Pewsey at your doorstep, enjoy an early rise with incredible walks through Wiltshire’s picturesque countryside before settling into your cosy weekend abode!

Wiltshire offers a variety of unique accommodation choices for everyone! Whether you are looking for a local staycation within a pretty town, or want to escape to the country in a Shepherd’s Hut, be sure to check out what’s available this new year…

With plenty of fun things to do for the whole family, be sure to visit Wiltshire in 2023!




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