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Wiltshire is home to lots of classic English sights like cosy cottages and grand stately homes, but there are also plenty of weird and wonderful things to be discovered across the county. Looking for something unusual and unique to do during your trip to Wiltshire? Want to make it a holiday you don't forget? Here are some ideas to get you started...

Devizes confetti battle

Take Part in a Confetti Battle
Every year in August, Devizes International Street Festival & Carnival features the famous Confetti Battle - a fun and frivolous half hour of strangers throwing confetti at each other. Don't miss it!

Meet a Giant Tortoise
Home to rhinos, sloths, lions, penguins, birds, bats and much more, Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens on the Wiltshire borders is a wonderful location for children (and adults) to learn more about animals from all over the world. There are lots of animal enounters you can book to take part in, giving you the opportunity to get up close with the animals - including the chance to meet the huge Aldabra Giant Tortoises.

Step Inside a Working Windmill
Wilton Windmill is a Grade II Listed Building of Special Architectural and Historic Interest. It is also a working windmill! Visit on an open day (normally Sundays) for a guided tour of the mill, which still produces wholemeal, stone-ground flour.

Go to War with your Family and Friends
Virtual Warfare offers you the opportunity to step inside a tactical combat game and go to war... immersive action and thrilling challenges make this a step up from paintball or laser quest!

Stay in a Treehouse
Stay in style in your very own treehouse at Fairwood Lakes Holiday Park. Located within a peaceful woodland area in the holiday park, each treehouse hut has a lovely large balcony for alfresco dinners under the stars. 


Get Lost
The sheer size of the hedge maze at Longleat makes it an unusual and unique place to explore. This incredible maze is the largest in Britain, with almost two miles of pathways to keep you entertained and confused! 

Watch Fudge Being Made
At Roly's Fudge Kitchen in Salisbury, the delicious fudge on sale is made right in front of your eyes. Pop in to watch the process, and of course to treat yourself to something sweet.

Take a Ride on a Steam Train
Step back in time to the days of steam trains when you visit Swindon and Cricklade Railway. Take a ride on one of their rolling stock of steam and diesel trains for a fabulous family day out. Check their website to see which dates the steam trains will be running. 

Visit an 'everyday' Historic House
Unlike most historic houses open to the public today, the 17th century Merchants House was not home to members of the artistocracy or royalty - it was owned by an 'everyday' middle-class family, and a visit here will give you a unique insight into how they lived their lives. 


Walk to a White Horse
Wiltshire is home to eight magical white horses, carved into hillsides around the county. These large hill figures rely on the white chalk of the downs, and are a rare sight to see elsewhere in the UK. Stretch your legs with a picturesque walk to visit one. 

Riddle your Way around a City
Sign up to Text Quest for an unusual way to explore the stunning city of Salisbury. You will receive a series of clues and riddles to your phone, prompting you to solve your way around town. Sightseeing with a twist!

Enjoy a Fireside Feast
Fancy a meal out with a difference? The Field Kitchen in Holt just outside Bradford on Avon is a lovely place for a meal any time of year, but if you time your visit right you might be there for one of their special Fire & Feast nights. These extra-special evening events start will a drink around the fire pits followed by a friendly shared meal of platters of delicious seasonal food.

Discover Wiltshire's Crop Circles
Did you know that Wiltshire has seen many stunning and mysterious crop circles appear over the years? But what are they, and where do they come from? You can find out more about this strange phenomenum at the Crop Circle Exhibition and Information Centre.

Get yourself in a Right Pickle
Take a cookery course at the Cooking School to improve your kitchen skills at a fun, hands-on session. Their Pickling and Preserving Lesson is three hours long and covers different techniques used to make pickles and chutneys. You'll leave with some tasty goodies to enjoy when you get home.

Discover Ancient Mysteries
Wiltshire is home to a number of prehistoric sites whose purpose and history have been lost in the mists of time... Explore the famous standing stone circles at Stonehenge and Avebury, admire four thousand year-old man-made Silbury Hill or step inside the ancient West Kennet Long Barrow and ask yourself why our ancestors created these impressive and mysterious places.  


If that's not enough to keep you occupied, have a look at other things to do in Wiltshire. And don't forget to book your accommodation for your visit - there's a huge selection of hotels, glamping sites, farm stays and more to choose from. 




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