With the typical British weather looming overhead, there is plenty of indoor activities to enjoy throughout Wiltshire. Perfect for the whole family, make the most of fun-filled adventures, creative experiences and day trips discovering Wiltshire’s fascinating history.

Stately Home and Gardens

Wiltshire boasts a world-class collection of stately homes and gardens across the county. Explore beautifully decorated rooms and stairways, offering light to family history amongst sweeping landscapes and gorgeous courtyards.

Bowood House

As the magnificent home of the Marquis and Marchioness of Lansdowne, Bowood House offers a true insight into the family with collections on display inside numerous Exhibition Rooms. Discover over 250 years of historical artifacts from Robert Adam’s Library to the Laboratory where Dr Joseph Priestley discovered oxygen in 1774!

Kelmscott Manor

On the Wiltshire borders is Kelmscott Manor, the Cotswold retreat of William Morris. Providing an extended collection of historical displays, discover early 17th Century furniture and other designed pieces. Spanning over 300 years, the Manor has an array of intriguing stories to tell, reflecting the ideas and creative legacy that lived throughout the grounds.

Discover More History

Embark on a journey through Wiltshire’s history by visiting a range of museums across the county. The perfect way to escape the rain, make the most of special exhibitions and a wide variety of displays showcasing interesting artifacts from famous events to historical landmarks throughout Wiltshire.

Wiltshire Museum

Spend the day at Wiltshire Museum with plenty of special exhibitions and unique displays to see. Discover the fascinating history of Wiltshire with artifacts of its people from the last 6,000 years, see gold from the time of Stonehenge and explore the best Bronze Age archaeology collection in Britain!

STEAM – Museum of the Great Western Railway

Telling stories of the individuals who built, operated, and travelled on the Great Western Railway, STEAM Museum offers an interactive experience for visitors to learn more about the railway network. Get close to magnificent locomotives, try out the GWR signal box and drive the steam train simulator; a perfect way to enjoy a fun-filled family day out!


Who doesn’t love a little shopping trip once in a while? Wiltshire is home to an array of indoor shopping centres and undercover markets so whatever the weather, you can still enjoy a day out browsing.

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Swindon

Escape the rain and treat yourself or someone special with a shopping trip to McArthurGlen Designer Outlet in Swindon, the largest covered designer outlet in Europe! Housed in the beautifully renovated Grade II listed buildings of the Great Western Railway Works, browse through a variety of high end and main street shops including Superdry, Guess, Ted baker and Bedeck! Make the most of discounts of up to 60 per cent before relaxing at one of the great restaurants around the centre.

The Guild

Located in a rural and historic setting of regenerated carpet factory buildings, The Guild, formerly Wilton Shopping Village, offers a wide selection of independent shops as well as national brands ranging from homeware to clothing. Make the most of an eclectic shopping experience before relaxing in the spacious stretched tent situated in the centre of The Guild, to enjoy unique tastes at the Herbs & Wilds eatery. Discover locally sourced produce showcasing the everchanging seasonal menu!

Escape Rooms

Live Escape Rooms Salisbury

Located inside Cross Keys Shopping Centre is one of Salisbury’s many escape rooms. Enjoy an adventure filled experience with family and friends as you uncover secrets and discover clues to solve puzzles throughout the many games available. Choose from Pieces of Eight, The Brig, Paranormal Investigations, and the Spectre Escape Room.

Salisbury Escape Rooms

Fun for families, friends, and work colleagues, why not get a group together and complete the many quests at Salisbury Escape Rooms! Open weekday evenings and weekends, embark on a teambuilding adventure as you solve puzzles and mysteries, choosing from ‘Death at the Lab’ or ‘Escape from Space’…

And more…

The Pound Arts Centre

Open throughout the year, enjoy a selection of music and theatre performances at the Pound Arts Centre in Corsham. With a wide variety of events and exhibitions taking place come rain or shine, it’s the perfect location for all ages and interests! Have a look at the current programme and support the local charity of Pound Arts to continue to provide professional arts activity in Corsham and across Wiltshire!

Visit Wiltshire during the gloomier days with plenty of indoor activities to enjoy for all ages!


Bowood House and Gardens
Historic House/Palace
Bowood House & Gardens
Kelmscott Manor
Historic House/Palace
Kelmscott Manor

Kelmscott Manor was the inspirational country home of William Morris; poet, designer, craftsman, socialist and father of the Arts & Crafts movement. This Grade I Listed house was loved by Morris as a survival of traditional craftsmanship.

Wiltshire Museum
Neolithic Axe Display

Discover gold from the time of Stonehenge, find out more about ancient Wiltshire, including the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site. Plus displays and exhibitions exploring the history of Wiltshire from earliest times to the present.

STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway
STEAM-City of Truro

Get up close to magnificent locomotives, be a signalman in the GWR interactive Signal Box and drive the steam train simulator as you travel through STEAM’s story-telling displays! STEAM tells the story of the men and women who built, operated and travelled on the Great Western Railway - a railway network that, through the pioneering vision and genius of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, was regarded as the most advanced in the world. Our museum is housed in a beautifully restored Grade II railway building in the heart of the former Swindon railway works.

Shopping at McArthurGlen Designer Outlet SwindonShopping at McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Swindon

McArthurGlen's Swindon Designer Outlet lies within the beautifully renovated Grade II listed buildings of the Great Western Railway Works and is one of the largest covered designer outlets in Europe. 90 High St and Designer brands.

The Guild (formerly Wilton Shopping Village)
Shopping Centre
The Guild (formerly Wilton Shopping Village)

The Wilton Shopping Village offers you a unique shopping experience - good value in an historic, riverside setting.

Live Escape Salisbury - Escape Rooms
Escape room
Live Escape Salisbury - Escape Rooms

Bring your team to Salisbury for the city's new real life gaming challenge.

Salisbury Escape Room
Activity Centre
Salisbury Escape Room

Salisbury Escape Rooms; an adventure waiting to happen. Travel to the outer reaches of the galaxy with our latest scenario Escape From Space, or test your Detective skills in Death at the Lab - created and built by real UK Detectives. Ingenious physical and multi-media puzzles and clues that will challenge your lateral thinking skills to the limit. Excellent for families, friends, colleagues.

The Pound Arts Centre
Arts Centre
The Pound Arts Centre

The Pound arts centre, run by local charity Pound Arts, is the hub of Corsham’s arts offering, with three annual seasons of professional performances, film, participatory arts events and exhibitions.



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