Blog (July 2014) - Visit Wiltshire

Merchants House

The Merchant’s House of Marlborough

On Marlborough’s historic High Streets sits, the impressive Merchant’s House. I paid a visit on a warm, July day to see what delights would be unfolded behind the impressive façade…

Entry to the Merchant’s House is by guided tour at selected times. I was in a small group of four people plus our guide, Ilse.

Avebury Manor

Avebury Manor

Avebury forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site with Stonehenge. What people often don’t know about Avebury is that the stone circle is open and you can walk right up to the stones, picnic amongst them and access them at any time. Avebury is also different to Stonehenge in that there is a village within the stones.

Salisbury Museum

The brand-new Wessex Gallery

Set within Salisbury Museum, the Wessex Gallery is a brand-new exhibition space showcasing some of the archaeological finds from the south Wiltshire area including Stonehenge.

The gallery only opened on the 12 July and it’s pleasing to hear that so many people have visited it already. I was amazed by how different the space looked from the museum I visited many a time as a small child.


Wilton - ancient capital of Wessex

Wilton is a market town just three miles west of Salisbury. There are several things to do in this small town including a visit to the impressive Wilton House – home of the Earl of Pembroke. Here you can discover beautiful gardens, a fine art collection and some historic cars. Read my previous blog for more details on visiting here.

Wilton House

Wilton House: gardens and exhibitions

Just three miles west of Salisbury lies the historic town of Wilton. It’s home to Wilton House, a grand stately home which dates back to Tudor times.

Today I headed to the grounds and exhibition spaces as I’ve visited the house many times before having worked previously for the Wilton estate.

Stonehenge Neolithic Houses

Stonehenge Neolithic Houses

On a warm, sunny July day I ventured up to the new visitor centre at Stonehenge to see the recently opened Neolithic Houses.

The car park was busy and the visitor centre was buzzing with lots of people eagerly awaiting their visit to the site. As I ambled my way towards the Neolithic houses I passed beautiful poppies adorning the pathways and the adjacent fields.


Top 10 Picnic Spots in Wiltshire

We all love a good picnic don’t we? We’ve had a chat here in the office and come up with our top 10 picnic spots in the county. Share your favourites too!